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Ability to set default session time blocks

As a user of the sessions feature

I need the ability to set the default session time blocks

so that I can reduce the amount of time spent when creating sessions. 

Recommend setting the initial default to 3 hours based upon feedback but with user ability to change the default setting. Implied requirement that the User shall also be able to adjust the length of the time block in the calendar as per normal. 

Further information from feedback session: 

Ability to default to 3 hour block on sessions. Rule of thumb is all sessions are 3 hours. Ability to customize time increments based on your preference/ level/ persona.

EX: When you select a start time for 2pm the end time automatically changes to 5pm.

** We actually need to create project type templates that apply to these sessions

For example a Union project it is 4 hours and requires several forms

  • Phil Haymes
  • Mar 2 2017
  • Future consideration
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